The benefits of sound, singing and music for health
and joy was well recognized in Medieval Europe
and is still true today.

Please come and support the wonderful work
of The Maryland State Boychoir and the 
 Healing Power of Music Chorus

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“Their ravishing tone quality, superb vocal production, and immaculate musicianship 
set them apart as one of the premier choirs of this or any area.”
- Norman Scribner, Artistic Director, Choral Arts Society of Washington (b. 1936; d. 2015)

Baltimore Boychoir Festival
Saturday, May 19, 2018 at 7:30 p.m.
at the MSB Center for the Arts

Featuring Dr. Andrea Ramsey as Guest Director

Every year, The Baltimore Boychoir Festival draws talented young men from across the United States together for two days, allowing them the opportunity to strengthen their skills, celebrate the art of choral singing, and deepen their sense of community.

Or Call the Office at 410.554.8644 for more information.