Frank Cimino

Frank Cimino,

Artistic Director

Stephen Holmes

Assistant Director

Joseph Shortall

Music Staff

Dr. Vincent Craig, Head Accompanist

Mathew Lane, Accompanist

Voice and Theory Instructors

Karin Berkley, Theory

Teri Bickham, Voice

Marian Briscuso, Theory

Patrick Klink, Voice

Debra Lawrence, Voice

Angela St. Pierre, Voice

Karen Willis, Voice/Theory

Elizabeth Wilson, Theory

Board of Directors

Lisa Giel, Chair

Dr. James Anthony, Vice Chair

Frank Cimino, President

Rev. Gene Eugene Bartell

Stephen Holmes

Roger Lark,  Secretary

Marco Merrick

Cynthia Mobley, MD

Jack Revelle, Treasurer

Sarah Wolfenden

Brandon Wood

Office Staff

Kathy Hawker, Administrative Director

Becky Cavey, Accountant

Becky Butanis, Special Events Coordinator

Kathy Fleming, Administrative Staff

Proctors and Chairs

Dianese Boss, Concert Choir Proctor, Office Volunteer

Anne Phair, Treble Choir Proctor, Librarian

Darrius Pugh, Concert Choir Proctor

Dorothy Pugh, Tour Choir Proctor

Beverly Sandroni, Concert Choir Proctor

Colleen Ibeawuchi, President of Parent’s Association


Tyler Birkmaier, Special Projects Intern

Caleb Heidel, Graphic Design Intern

Keith Tobin, Choral Scholar and Office Intern

David Wagner, Conducting Intern