Baltimore Boychoir Festival

Every year, The Baltimore Boychoir Festival draws talented young men from across the United States together for two days, allowing them the opportunity to strengthen their skills, celebrate the art of choral singing, and deepen their sense of community.

The intent is to bring together boys and young men who have one thing in common, “a love of singing.”

Since its inception the Boychoir Festival has had many distinguished guest directors to lead the the boys.  Some past conductors include:

2000 – Vincent Metallo 2001 – Lynnel Joy Jenkins 2002 – Judith Willoughby 2003 – Dr. Andre J. Thomas 2004 – Francisco J. Nuñez 2005 – Dr. James Litton 2006 – Dr. Judy Bowers 2007 – Dr. Z. Randall Stroope 2008 – Bob Chilcott 2009 – Dr. Rollo Dilworth 2010 – Stephen Hatfield 2011 – Simon Carrington 2012 – Dr. Paul Rardin 2013 – Dr. Craig Denison 2014 – Richard Webster 2015 – Henry Leck 2016 – David R. White 2017 – Michael McCarthy - Dr. Andrea Ramsey - Dr. Sandra Snow  . . . and now 

The Maryland State Boychoir is pleased to announce that Stephen Darlington will serve as the Guest Director for the 21st annual Baltimore Boychoir Festival!

For more information about the festival, guest conductor and how to take part in this event call us at 410.554.8644 or see our informational brochure by clicking the link below.

Baltimore Boychoir Festival Brochure 2020